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How I can help

By providing space ...

Life is sometimes difficult, and at times we can all feel stressed, overwhelmed, depressed and anxious.

Often these feelings pass, but sometimes they stay with us affecting our confidence and our capacity for enjoyment.

Perhaps you have lived through negative, possibly traumatic experiences which have left you anxious, depressed and mistrustful.


Perhaps you are low, exhausted, dissatisfied with the way you are living...

By taking time to listen ...

Talking through your issues with a therapist can be the first step to working through your difficulties.

Psychodynamic therapy connects how you live now, your  emotional responses (or lack of them), to past experiences.

Talking through your life can reveal areas of 'stuckness', kept in place by unhelpful thinking patterns, and outdated coping strategies. 

I provide a safe, non-judgemental space where we can think together about how you would like to move forward...

How I can help

About me

About me

My training as a psychodynamic therapist took place at the University of Oxford. My therapy sessions can help you think about your life and what you might like to change. It is often useful to explore the connection between your current issues and  your past experiences and/or relationships.

I work with emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, unresolved childhood experiences, identity issues (i.e. heritage, mixed heritage), work-related problems, relationship difficulties, stress, and different types of trauma. 


Alongside my private practice, I work as a therapist in a trauma-focused service and see adults from a range of backgrounds. Here, I combine the more traditional 'talking' therapy with energy psychotherapy, a gentle mind-body approach which can reduce and clear symptoms of trauma. Some of these techniques involve working with acupoints, energy centres (chakras) and the breath. 

I also work as a part-time therapist within a university counselling service, seeing students (UG, Masters, PhD) of all nationalities, supporting them with a range of academic and personal issues.

My practice is based in Oxford (for 'face to face' work) but I also work online throughout the UK. I am a registered member of UKCP and BACP and abide by their ethical guidelines.

about me

Therapy sessions



  Monday:             8am - 10:00am

  Tuesday:               All day

  Wednesday:       5pm - 7pm


Next Steps

Step 1: Contact me via email - we can  arrange a free online (30 min) session. 

Step 2: Decide whether you feel we can work together.


Step 3: If yes, we can set a regular day & time for the sessions.

 Free 30 minute session    £55.00 online session    £60.00 in person session

A session is 50 minutes long


Ongoing sessions are usually held weekly at a regular time. Sessions can be held in person or online.

therapy sessions


Masters in Psychodynamic Practice (University of Oxford)

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Practice (University of Oxford)

Postgraduate Certificate in Psychodynamic Practice (University of Oxford)

Foundation in Energy Psychotherapy (Converging Streams)

Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy (Confer)

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